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Product Improvement 

Product Line Profitability (Revenue and Cost)​

Cornerstone provides customers with the tools and processes to improve overall product line profitability.  Process starts with a breakdown of current cost structure and is coupled with benchmarking of competitive products and systems to help the team understand the role of creating product differentiation.  Product and process cost reduction ideation is conducted in parallel to further engage employees in the process.  Recommendations provided to leadership along with a specific roadmap to improve competitiveness, revenue opportunities and cost structure.  In addition, the customer will be provided with sustainable processes and tools to insure continued success. ​

Capex and Development Cost Tracking and Improvement​

Customers with significant capex and development costs associated with specific projects may need assistance controlling the project.  Cornerstone will assist your internal program managers with controlling project expense including the implementation of systems and processes for organizational sustainability.


Product Safety and Compliance​

Cornerstone has the capability to develop and implement a Product Safety and Compliance process that addresses product development, the product development cycle, incorporation of key engineering disciplines including DFMEA, PFMEA and Control Plans.  In addition, Cornerstone can effectively help your organization create a robust Product Safety issue remediation and investigation system to insure that issues are controlled, root cause established, and systemic issues resolved.​

Engineering Disciplines​

Cornerstone has studied a number of new product launches and significant product safety issues.  Investigation of these has revealed that the root  cause for most issues reside in the engineering disciplines of the company.  We will assist your organization in identifying those weaknesses and developing plans that will eliminate repeat occurrences

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