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Production and Quality Services

In-house Quality and Productivity Improvements​

Cornerstone has the talent and skills to lead your team thru production and process and scrap improvements.  Starting with metrics and prioritization, we will help your team focus on the most significant issues affecting your production quality and throughput. We work with your team, employing proven improvement methodologies including Kepner Tregoe and appropriate statistical tools to eliminate the quality issues and significantly improve productivity. We have seen 20 to 50% improvements in past projects.​

Supply Chain Optimization​

Global and local supply chains constantly need to be assessed for logistical and production efficiencies.  We can work with your team to identify opportunities for efficiency improvements in your global supply chain to improve your profit margins.​


Supplier Development, Launch and Quality Improvements​

Suppliers are an extension of the company production system. Cornerstone has the tools and skills to assist your company with Advanced Program Quality Planning (APQP), Technical Reviews, Production Qualification, Quality and thru-put improvements, cost reduction and Launch management and control. Poor supplier launches can be a significant source of cost deterioration and profitability. Cornerstone has the capability to assist your suppliers with their launch issues with on-site support and management. Utilizing proven quality and productivity methodologies like Kepner Tregoe, RED X, and Lean Manufacturing, Cornerstone can quickly remediate supplier related quality and throughput issues.

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