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Kind Words from Companies we have worked with

Chuck and I worked together at two automotive manufacturers developing and launching new vehicles.  Chuck’s leadership, product development, quality and program management knowledge and skills, coupled with his integrity would be a benefit to manufacturing and technical organizations.  Additionally, Chuck is a results-oriented leader, he has a reputation of getting “stuff” done, on time!” 

Bob Kruse Sr Vice President, Product Execution 

I have worked successfully with Chuck Russell for many years on Program Management and Product Safety systems and processes. Chuck has always been an excellent sponsor and ally in all

improvement activities.

David KandtDavid B Kandit Consulting 

Chuck and I have worked together on a couple of projects and on the Football for Peace USA Board of Directors.  Chuck has demonstrated an ability to lead large projects and get results.  He is detail oriented and is able to effectively bridge strategies to tactical assignments.  His strong communication skills keep stakeholders informed and aligned.  Given Chuck’s ethical standards and broad functional background, I strongly recommend Cornerstone

Danijella Dragas CEO, The Lending Corporation

I had the opportunity to work with Chuck when he was on assignment working for the CEO of Faraday Future.  While Chuck had a variety of projects in support of the CEO I worked most directly with him on the development of a company budget as well as an organizational restructuring proposal.

Both of these efforts required cross-functional engagement and effective project management to keep the projects on track.  Chuck understands the value of communication and transparency which enabled him to complete these important initiatives on time and meet 

expected deliverables.  Even more impressive was his ability and understanding of how to work in a culturally diverse organization.

Sue Swenson

Former Executive Chair, Faraday Future

I met Chuck and Madelaine Russell through the Coto for the Cure fundraising event in late 2018.  At the time, Chuck was a senior executive with Karma Automotive and he secured the title sponsorship for the event.  Typically, title sponsors simply write a check; however, Chuck and his team were integral to the success of the event.  They participated in planning meetings and staging meetings to ensure that it was the most spectacular and memorable fundraising event in the history of Coto de Caza.  They provided auction items that sold for thousands of dollars and they staged the cars in a fashion that every guest felt they were entering a Hollywood fundraiser.  Most importantly, they demonstrated that they were deeply committed to the Children’s Craniofacial Association, an organization they didn’t know until it was selected as the beneficiary of Coto for the Cure.  They spent time getting to know CCA kids and the staff representing the charity.  They quickly embraced CCA’s mission and became committed to the cause.


Chuck remained in contact with CCA throughout the next year and once again provided the title sponsorship in 2019.  The two events netted over $300,000 for CCA and are far and above the largest fundraisers in the charity’s 30 year history.  Following the second event, we asked Chuck to join the board of CCA.  He has been an invaluable member of the board in helping the organization navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic, and he has recently been elected the treasurer.  In this capacity, he quickly proven to be one of the most strategic members of the board and he has initiated a movement to dramatically increase the reach of CCA.


In my mind, Chuck is a strategic thinker with a warrior’s spirit and a servant’s heart

Bill MecklenbergPresident, Preferred ConceptsSES Risk Solutions 

Chuck Russell is a pleasure to work with. He is thoughtful, thorough, and operates with a heightened sense of integrity in everything he does. Chuck is technically strong and this toolset has been sharpened through his leadership roles in the Automotive industry and his deep experience.

Don BeerySenior Sales Director 

I have worked closely with Chuck Russell as part of the Football for Peace USA Board of Directors and Steering Committee.  I have found Chuck to be very effective at bringing diverse team members together and focusing them on a common goal.  His leadership, integrity, keen insight and transparency drive results and his passion for children’s charities are highly valued

Stuart GoldfarbRomano Law PLLC

Chuck brought me into Faraday Future (FF) to collaboratively establish and implement a comprehensive FF Quality System.  He set a clear vision and mission for Design Quality, Supplier Quality, Plant Quality, After-sales, Software Quality, Product Safety and Quality Culture implementation at FF.  Chuck’s favorite tagline was “Everything we do needs to convey the details associated with luxury and quality if we are going to convince our customers and stakeholders that we are manufacturing and selling luxury vehicles.” As part of the transformation and the support the implementation, Chuck held regular global quality implementation meetings to ensure deployment of the FF Quality System and to align the standards and practices into one Global FF Business Operating System (BOS).  The end-result was that all global and functional quality leaders were held accountable to “walk the talk” consistent with the FF BOS.

Pete Melville

Faraday Future Quality Director

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