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Optimization of key supply chain enables significant productivity improvements and restores customer relationship

Improve supply chain for automotive decorative door aluminum trim, a new product line for the company.  Client was experiencing excessive scrap rates, low productivity, quality issues, excessive in process inventory, missed shipments, and downtime with the automotive customer. Automotive customer was also threatening to remove client from future new business.

Automotive supplier makes significant operational improvements in Global Supplier Development

Company manufacturing plants were experiencing supply chain quality and shipment issues causing operational and financial challenges. Performance transformation required in organization to support manufacturing plants globally

Automotive supplier implements enterprise-wide product safety changes

Automotive supplier desires to implement a rigorous product safety process to ensure all products produced are compliant with regulatory and customer requirements.  Supplier was experiencing a number of “near misses” and the Board desired to make system improvements to enhance customer relationships and reduce business risk.

Streamlined automotive product development process cuts development time by 50% and costs by $150M

Young automotive start-up with talent from across the automotive industry and other industries looking to execute a major electric vehicle project.  Company looking to benchmark, develop and implement a cutting-edge vehicle development system with a target of executing vehicles in 24 months. 

Automotive OEM changes product strategy and pricing, makes significant improvement in transaction price and overall revenue

Automotive OEM with little success in “aaaa” car segment adjusts product strategy and improves revenue by $1 Billion/year. 

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